I started writing RealEstateTherapy because the usual stuff about market trends, mortgage interest rates, tax laws and building starts was as boring as skim milk.

Whereas what I witnessed every day as a Realtor was a vibrant microcosm of what it means to be a human looking for love, nourishment, meaning and shelter. My performance and success as an agent benefited greatly from paying attention to that aspect of my clients’ experience, as well as to the nuts and bolts of selling real estate.

By blogging about the quest for home, I blended my love of writing into my work life. I now lead writing and mindfulness workshops throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

These are two-hour, one-day or multi-day workshops for private or corporate groups. All are based in writing and mindfulness, and can be sculpted to suit particular wishes and goals.

For more on that, go to Wild Heart Writing. To learn about my practice of real estate, visit my website KindredSFHomes.com.

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