Dave Barry wrote this funny little book called Homes and Other Black Holes back in 1988. That was – gulp – 3 decades ago.

Someone gave it to me for my 30th birthday. I had just gotten my real estate license and I chuckled at the over-the-top silliness of the book. Just reading the chapter names cracked me up — Getting Ready to Get Real Depressed OR Getting Some Fool to Buy Your House OR It’s Noon: Do You Know Where Your Contractor Is?

As it turned out, the joke was on me because just about everything in Homes and Other Black Holes turned out to be true. It was true then. It was true 10 years later. And it’s still true today. 

Everybody loves to think about and talk about real estate. It’s a favorite subject in the media and online. In San Francisco, there’s always some looming boon or bust. In the late 80s the buzz was about all the money flooding in from Hong Kong. Then came Loma Prieta, the dot.com era, the 2008 meltdown, Web 2.0 and so forth and so on.

Today all the talk is about the IPOs that are going to ruin San Francisco for us non-billionaires. You know something’s a hot topic when yours truly gets interviewed by both the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s Marketplace (you can listen to the segment where I’m featured by clicking here and starting at about the 8-minute mark.)

“What,” they asked, “can you tell us about the IPOs and their effect on San Francisco real estate and on your life and the lives of your clients?”

Honestly, I was tempted to quote Dave Barry who, in his introduction titled Why It Was Probably a Mistake to Buy This Book, said it’s better to just not think about it. “Trust me, this is the best way. If God had wanted us to spend all our time fretting about the problems of home ownership, He would never have created beer.”

After which I say, “Please have a cold one on me and forget about the whole IPO thing. We’ll all know what we need to know when we know it and not a moment sooner!”

Photo Credit: Freddie Collins 

Cynthia Cummins is the founder of Kindred SF Homes and has been serving homeowners and homebuyers for 3 decades. For information on San Francisco Bay Area real estate visit KindredSFhomes.com. For my writing and mindfulness blog, visit WildHeartWriting.org.