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What I Noticed This Week on Broker’s Tour, Besides Properties and Prices

Sometimes it’s the details of the staging that catch my eye. That was the case this week on broker’s tour. Lots of pretty fabrics, surfaces and art. For example:

Pretty pink patterns:






More pleasing-to-the-eye stuff:


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Amorphous solid (non-crystalline) blah ba de blah

My theme for this Tuesday’s tour is GLASS. I saw lots and lots of it this week. Vases, bowls, sculptures, dishes — all used for staging.

According to Wikipedia, GLASS is “an amorphous solid (non-crystalline) material that exhibits a glass transition, which is the reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle state into a molten or rubber-like state.”

(Easy for YOU to say, Wikipedia.)

I just thought all the glass was pretty. I took photos with my vintage Samsung Galaxy phone, then put them through Waterlogue. These images are the result.

Painted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in Waterlogue

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Hot on Tuesday Tour: “Same As It Ever Was”


And you may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife

And you may ask yourself, ‘Well, how did I get here?’

from Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

“Same As It Ever Was” is just one work on display (and available for purchase) at 2222 15th Street, a delightful “secret garden” condo that shows like a veritable art gallery, thanks to an abundance of natural light and smart staging. Represented by Lance Fulford at Alain Pinel, the spacious one bedroom is listed for $699,000.

Check out the condo’s website for more information (and better photos than mine). Or contact me to schedule a showing.






Hot on Tuesday Tour: Lilacs and Glass

Usually it’s orchids, or budding twigs, or ficus trees: Plants that beautify a home but don’t require a lot of water or maintenance.  Yesterday these drying lilacs caught my eye at a property in Laurel Heights. If I knew who the stager was, I’d give him or her credit.


Then, a little later, at Dona Crowder’s beguiling Queen Anne on Masonic, I stopped in my tracks to admire this stained glass window. My wimpy cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice so check out the website here — though, trust me, this is one of those houses you must see in person. (I’d be happy to arrange a showing!) Up close and personal, the beautifully preserved wood in the (truly) light-filled home is warm and sweet as honey.


And while I’m on the subject of things stopping me in my tracks, check out this closeup of the granite atop one of the bathroom vanities at a 53 Wilder condo in Glen Park. It put me in mind of the river stones in the South Holston back home in Appalachia. Neutrals are all very nice, but it’s fun to see something with a little life in it for a change.



Finally — don’t judge me too harshly — I noticed that my outfit for tour day “matched” the decor at Travis Pacoe’s and Ron Abta’s listing on Eureka. So I snapped a selfie in the big master mirror. Not too bad!


Hot on Tuesday Tour: Literally

During brokers’ tour yesterday, real estate agents were melting all over San Francisco.

We were blasting our car air conditioners. We were panting up two flights of Victorian stairs. We were showing (for better or for worse) not just properties but huge swaths of our flesh.



I had to dig deep — beneath the wool sweaters and boots and long underwear — to find my “hot days dress.” I only have one. And I only have one pair of dress-up high-heel sandals.

Wobbling across a Presidio Heights street en route to a colleague’s listing, a pair of tourists stopped me. Did I live here, they wanted to know. Could I point them toward a store where they could buy some sunscreen and water, they wondered.

I was so damn hot I had to stop in order to think straight. Which was fine because it gave me a minute to fan under my armpits.

“Water? Sunscreen?” I scowled — confused because normally tourists ask where they can buy a sweatshirt or a jacket because it’s like 45 degrees at Jackson and Presidio.

“That way,” I managed, pointing south toward Sacramento Street.

“Are you okay?” they said, looking worried in their shorts and t-shirts.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I replied, “We’re just not used to this weather. This is San Francisco, not California. Stay cool.”

They thanked me and moved away quickly. Still resting in the puny shade of a sidewalk tree, I watched them as a half a block away they stopped another agent to ask for directions.

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Hot on Tuesday Tour: Dumb Design

What a fantastic looking “infinity” shower stall, seen on brokers tour today. There’s just a couple of eensy weensy problems with it. ImageIn the interest of not identifying the bathroom more fully, I snapped the photo so you can’t see the rest of the fixtures. The sink vanity is located roughly on the lefthand side of the image frame — just opposite and not too distant from the sans-door, sans-curtain, sans-pan shower stall.

I’ve yet to see a handsome design such as this one work on an everyday basis. Even with more space for safe splashing, the lack of a water barrier means liquid flows and splatters in places that ought to stay dry.

You’re seeing the staged, spic n’ span version where nobody has washed up yet. The floor is spotless. The glass untouched by soap residue. No kids around to slip on a wet surface and knock themselves silly. No bathmat sopping wet and hanging to drip. (Where would it hang to dry?) No shampoo bottles, loofahs, razors, washcloths or Popes On A Rope on display.

Pretty. Not practical. Unless you have a valet or lady’s maid following you around a la Downton Abbey. Which, alas, most of us don’t.

Hot on Tuesday Tour: Sexy Plumbing

This radiant heat system (in the house listed by McGuire at 2605 Union Street) made my heart go pitter patter. Just look at the gleaming copper and red shut-off valves! So clean and beautifully installed. Super sexy!


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Hot on Tuesday Tour: Suspend Shoes-Off Rule When Selling

I slip into slippers whenever I’m home, and I respect the aesthetic choice to remove shoes (or not) in a house. However, when it comes to marketing real estate, wise sellers suspend their shoes-off policy. These two photos demonstrate why:

Check out the first impression created by the pile of shoe covers and the paper bag in this entry.


Nobody with a shred of vanity wants to a) take off her boots while touring or b) walk around wearing these clown poofs.


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Hot on Tuesday Tour: Creative Touch

I dig the retro sewing machine. It takes me right back to 1967 or thereabouts. Set on a narrow table in a Richmond district house, it’s part of a crafts tableau that brings some life to an otherwise drab ground-floor space.


I got a “C” in home economics (yes, I’m that old). And I take my sewing repairs to Miss Sally’s on 20th Street. But even I know you’d never jam that folded up fabric under the pressure foot or set that pincushion there.

Still, I give the stager Three Buddha Busts for switching (or shall I say “stitching”?) it up.

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