August and the weather is depressing.

While the rest of the U.S. is suffering dreadful fires and melting temperatures, the persistent marine layer of San Francisco summer has those of us who live in the 7×7 zone locked under a ceiling of relentless gray.

We longtime residents are accustomed to it. (Though many would argue that one can never get accustomed to it. Newcomers, if nobody warned you, I am sorry.)

Traveling north, south or east from the city and – within less than 5 miles – encountering SUMMER is akin to landing on a newly discovered planet. (Cue the sci-fi-movie music as you look out the spaceship – er, car – window and behold the death rays of THE SUN.)

Come September, the cool grey lockdown opens up. So does our local real estate market. The sun comes out and so does a lot of housing inventory.

Which means that August is a great time to ask yourself: Am I content living where I am now? If the answer is yes, then read no further.

If the answer is no and you’re a would-be buyer, it may be time to reach out to an agent (me!), and learn about the steps needed to begin your property search in earnest.

If the answer is no and you’re a homeowner, it may be time to reach out to your agent (me again!) and talk about how to begin the process of selling your home. The minimum time needed to get a listing “up and running” in San Francisco is probably about two weeks – longer if much property preparation is required. So August is a good time to start.

The San Francisco selling season (Labor Day to Thanksgiving) will soon be here. So, go grab some summertime and then give me a call or email.

Photo Credit: Micah Hallahan 

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