We’re riding a sustained silky wave of market red-hotness right now in San Francisco. Every day a prime day at the beach. Everybody hanging ten and getting tanned.

And a smidgen of smugness is creeping into the demeanor of listing agents. As in the following dialogue:

Buyer’s Agent: Is there a lot of interest in the property?

Listing Agent: (With a sorority-girl-strength close-lipped smile) Oh gosh, let me see now, we’ve given out, um, oh, hmm, 48 disclosure packages. Oh, no, make that 49. But I know that at least two of those people aren’t writing an offer so encourage your people to come.

Buyer’s Agent: (drops to knees, clasps hands in front of heart) Wow. With no parking and in a liquefaction zone and…

Listing Agent: (turning away to speak to another agent who’s just entered) Sorry, I’ve run out of property statements. I started with 500 but it’s been awfully busy today.

Buyer’s Agent: Can you tell me what your sellers are looking for in an offer?

Listing Agent: Oh, you know, just have your people put their best foot forward.

Time out! Listing agents, please. Try not to be falsely coy. Try not to be too self-satisfied. I know it’s heady and it’s hard to be humble and yet…2009 wasn’t that long ago. Nor, come to think of it, 1993…

Cynthia Cummins is a Top Producer and Partner at McGuire. For info on SF real estate visit

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