What a fantastic looking “infinity” shower stall, seen on brokers tour today. There’s just a couple of eensy weensy problems with it. ImageIn the interest of not identifying the bathroom more fully, I snapped the photo so you can’t see the rest of the fixtures. The sink vanity is located roughly on the lefthand side of the image frame — just opposite and not too distant from the sans-door, sans-curtain, sans-pan shower stall.

I’ve yet to see a handsome design such as this one work on an everyday basis. Even with more space for safe splashing, the lack of a water barrier means liquid flows and splatters in places that ought to stay dry.

You’re seeing the staged, spic n’ span version where nobody has washed up yet. The floor is spotless. The glass untouched by soap residue. No kids around to slip on a wet surface and knock themselves silly. No bathmat sopping wet and hanging to drip. (Where would it hang to dry?) No shampoo bottles, loofahs, razors, washcloths or Popes On A Rope on display.

Pretty. Not practical. Unless you have a valet or lady’s maid following you around a la Downton Abbey. Which, alas, most of us don’t.

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