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“What we are doing here is so important, we better not take it too seriously.”

That gentle sentence from Suzuki Roshi is perhaps my favorite go-to snippet of wisdom in trying times. And – boy – are times troubling at this particular moment.

If you’re reading this years from the time I’m writing this, your historical lens will give you a better perspective on the season when COVID-19 made its debut. But right now we’re living in a moment that is maddening, saddening, confusing and super scary in so many ways. And what we’re doing is really important – from diligently washing hands to being kind to each other.

Humor helps take the edge off, although I cringe every time I see a funny post on Facebook. I think, “Is it okay to be laughing at this? Will I regret it later?” And then I think, “What the hell. I’m laughing whether it’s okay or not. In fact, I’m “liking” and sharing this now!”

In between the laughter and worry, I’m crying. I’m also saying “I love you” as much as possible. I’m normally proactive about speaking those words, but I’ve turned it up to 11 for the last few days. Here’s an example:

Agent I know: “Will you be holding open your new listing this weekend?”

Me: “Yes, although we will be carefully adhering to social distancing guidelines.”

Agent: “Great, I’ll send my buyers on Sunday.”

Me: “I love you.”

Okay, maybe I’m not being quite that generous with the “I love you’s,” but I am paying attention to the ember glowing inside my chest. It may sound rather woo-woo, but it’s my heart chakra that’s getting my focus. I’m making a point of turning up its heat. Perhaps it’s generating so much heat that you can feel it through cyberspace.

In other words, I love you! (Even if I don’t know you!) And I’m hoping that you have a soft and cozy home where you can safely keep your social distance until it’s safe to reconnect.

Let’s all seriously / not too seriously look out for the greater good. Let’s stay calm and keep the faith. And let’s remember to say “I love you” again and again and again.

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