Sometimes I don’t feel inspired to write my weekly blog. Even though I have three years’ worth of topics in a tidy file, I balk at putting pen to paper or — in my case — fingers to keyboard.

Right now it’s a Friday evening and what I really want is to go downstairs and try a sip of that Georgia Peach IPA I found at Plumpjack’s.

Instead I’m trying to think of what I will write. And I’m thinking that tonight…

  • If my blog was a one-dish supper it’d be spaghetti with meat sauce the way my Mom used to make it.
  • If my blog was a record album it’d be Radiohead In Rainbows or something by the Allman Brothers.
  • If my blog was an outdoor recreational activity it’d be a hot summer’s day swim in a cold lake.
  • If my blog was a party there would be dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.
  • If my blog was a comedy television show currently available on Tru Tv it would be At Home With Amy Sedaris.
  • If my blog was a cup of tea it would be Mighty Leaf Black Vanilla with a splash of almond milk.
  • If my blog was a color it would be lepruchaun green.
  • If my blog was my fondest business wish it would be to sell two of my listings this weekend.
  • If my blog was a vegetable it would be sliced ripe tomatoes with salt.
  • If my blog was a novel it would be a crime thriller without the requisite female victim of violence
  • If my blog was a car it wouldn’t matter so long as it was the color of a banana
  • If my blog was a night out in San Francisco it would be a film noir movie at The Castro Theater.
  • If my blog was an impossible dream it would be about world peace and harmony

But, alas, my blog is none of these things tonight. I fear that you, dear reader, are left with just some silly musings. I promise, next week, I’ll write something that has something to it!

Photo Credit: John Moeses Bauan

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