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Seriously. That’s the date I’m posting this. May Day, the first of May. It’s the traditional date for celebrating spring in Europe with dancing around poles and wearing flower crowns. And it’s also International Worker’s Day.

Though when I hear May Day, I think of the distress signal Mayday. That’s where you repeat the words three times in emergency situations to call for help.

With real estate sales in San Francisco in full swing in April and May, the urge to call for assistance arises repeatedly right about now. These aren’t life-threatening situations and I don’t mean to make light of real distress calls. Yet I’m currently leaning heavily on my operations manager with one Mayday text after another. Such as:

  • Can you drop those key copies off at my house?
  • Please send that Out-of-Town Agent a copy of the San Francisco purchase contract so he can write an offer.
  • The cabinet door over the refrigerator at X Street is falling off.
  • Buyer B needs disclosures for Property A.
  • Pay the invoice for the pest control inspection so they don’t cancel.
  • Check my calendar to see if I can meet Buyer C for a walk-through on either Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.
  • Don’t forget to Docusign those covid-waiver forms to the neighbors who are stopping by on Friday.
  • Will you please go turn on the lights at Y Street because my showing is running late and I can’t get there in time.
  • Ask the cleaners why they’re charging $848 instead of $248 for the windows.
  • We also need to upload the images to Multiple Listing Service.
  • Have we gotten the floor plan yet for Z Street?
  • Can you Zoom at 9:45 instead of 8:30?
  • Tell Agent J that we’ll decide about our offer date on Thursday.
  • Somebody tracked something nasty across the kitchen floor at AA Avenue.
  • Will you grab us turkey sandwiches at the Arguello Market?
  • Kindly bring those comps for BB Avenue so I can look at them while I eat my sandwich.
  • Call the stager! There are no light fixtures – just holes in the ceiling – in the bedrooms and the photographer is here!
  • Remind me of the time for today’s team meeting.
  • Email the team to remind them we’re meeting at whatever time that is.
  • I’d ask you to get my car washed but I can’t figure out when I can give up the car or when you’d have time to take it. It’ll just have to be a really dirty car for another week or so.

Luckily, I have someone extraordinary working with me. Only 4 weeks in and Peter Schwarzenbach is doing an amazing job. I’m the captain but he’s the entire crew that keeps the good ship Kindred SF from sinking into the spring-selling-season sea.

Thank you, Peter. And while I’m at it – a shout out to all my hard-working associates (YOU know who you are), to Kindred social media manager Garrett and to Kindred business manager Ryan. You’re the ones who make this work a joyful practice. Happy May Day!

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