I’m usually a smooth sleeper but the last few nights have been decidedly bumpy. 

Three nights ago the covers were too-hot-too-cold-skiwampus-riding-up. Night before last was filled with wild and groggy pillow-wrangling. Last night offered a scream-out-loud nightmare: Could it have been the candy-cap mushroom-laced entrée I enjoyed at Outerlands?

If my bed wasn’t comfy and my bedroom cozy it could have been so much worse!

People often say the kitchen is the most important room in a house. But I think there’s a strong argument to be made for the bedroom.

Take, for example, Briar Rose of Sleeping Beauty fame. Imagine how miserable her hundred years of slumber might have been had her parents cut corners on the comfort of the princess’s bedroom.

As we know, the King and Queen spared no expense in outfitting Briar’s bedroom. You can bet her mattress was thoroughly vetted by the household staff. (Google “best mattress” and you’ll be amazed at how many websites focus on mattress reviews.)

The traditional story makes much of the bedspread embroidered with gold and silver thread. But there were also perfect pillows, optimum-thread-count linens, a duvet with ideal fill ratios, blackout shades, a deluxe Dohm white noise machine, Dryson air purifier and Nest temperature control. 

Add to these accouterments a state-of-the-art brambles-and-thorns security system installed by an Evil Fairy, and you’ve got a serene 36,500-night sleep.

My advice to you for this season of long winter nights is to look around your bedroom and see if there is just one thing you can add to enhance the peacefulness of your slumber. A wee container of lavender? A cashmere throw? A silk-covered eyes pouch?

Whatever you choose, this is a perfect time of year to catch up on sleep and rest. Happy Solstice to you!

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt 

I’m taking a break from RealEstateTherapy.org for the holidays. Please look for a new post on the first Saturday of 2019.