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At Real Estate School, the first thing they teach wannabe Realtors is how to locate and switch on every available light in a house.

I’m not joking.

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Okay. I’m joking. In order to make a point: The time to conserve energy by turning off household lights is not when you’re selling your house.

It’s taken me many years to get comfortable with that notion – years during which I stood twitching with my hand poised atop a dimmer knob, trying to silence my father’s voice booming inside my head, “Don’t go turning on every light in the house, young lady!”

A buyer’s first impressions – especially subconscious ones gleaned through the senses – are critical. No surprise that last night’s Eau de Salmon can put the kibosh on a sale, but so can a burned-out light bulb.

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Before marketing a house, do a brightness inventory. Change out puny fixtures. Maximize the wattage in beefier lights. Place torchiere floor lamps in dark corners, and accent lamps on tables.

Let every light shine, and then some!

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Cynthia Cummins is a Top Producer and Partner at McGuire. For info on SF real estate visit http://CynthiaCummins.com.



















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