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Small Pleasures

If you’ve lived or listed property in a doorman building, you know all about the culture of full-service living. You probably have your own story (or stories).

Mine today concerns a stunning listing that I had on (and off) the market over about nine months. In other words, it took as long to find our perfect buyer as it takes to grow a new human. Yet – after sampling all the proverbial porridge available in similar buildings – our “Goldilocks” finally turned up and made a satisfactory offer.

This stock-cooperative had an exceptional door staff. The doormen (all were male) saw me in and out of the building at all times of day, in all kinds of weather, accompanied by all sorts of agents and buyers. I got to know them, and grew to like them.

Three of them had watched the door for 40, 30 and 20 years, respectively. Of those three, two consistently greeted me cheerfully by name. One always put an extra flourish on the last syllable of my name: Cynthi-AH.

But the most seasoned doorman – let’s call him Bob – never chitchatted or spoke my name. He performed his duties solemnly and formally. Every time I entered, it was as if he’d never seen me before: Which unit was I there to see? Did I already have a key? Would I sign the guest book?

Despite my concerted effort to bring a smile to his face, I never saw the corners of his mouth lift even a micro-inch.

Until the day we closed. In a last ditch attempt to get Bob to crack (and because I wanted to thank the entire staff) I personally delivered an expensive, large and gorgeously girly strawberry cake. Bob greeted me soberly, and waved me over to the podium to – once again – sign and date the guest book.

Beaming at the audaciousness of my gift, I proffered the cake. At first Bob just stared at the pink confection like he’d never seen a desert before. But when I explained it was for him and the crew, he broke into a big grin and laughed and squeezed my arm.

It made my day.

Cynthia Cummins is a Top Producer and Partner at McGuire. For info on SF real estate visit http://CynthiaCummins.com. This article was re-posted at McGuire.com.

Hot on Tuesday Tour: Lilacs and Glass

Usually it’s orchids, or budding twigs, or ficus trees: Plants that beautify a home but don’t require a lot of water or maintenance.  Yesterday these drying lilacs caught my eye at a property in Laurel Heights. If I knew who the stager was, I’d give him or her credit.


Then, a little later, at Dona Crowder’s beguiling Queen Anne on Masonic, I stopped in my tracks to admire this stained glass window. My wimpy cell phone camera doesn’t do it justice so check out the website here — though, trust me, this is one of those houses you must see in person. (I’d be happy to arrange a showing!) Up close and personal, the beautifully preserved wood in the (truly) light-filled home is warm and sweet as honey.


And while I’m on the subject of things stopping me in my tracks, check out this closeup of the granite atop one of the bathroom vanities at a 53 Wilder condo in Glen Park. It put me in mind of the river stones in the South Holston back home in Appalachia. Neutrals are all very nice, but it’s fun to see something with a little life in it for a change.



Finally — don’t judge me too harshly — I noticed that my outfit for tour day “matched” the decor at Travis Pacoe’s and Ron Abta’s listing on Eureka. So I snapped a selfie in the big master mirror. Not too bad!