Love or loathe ‘em, property websites and glossy photography are an integral part of San Francisco real estate marketing hubba hubba. Bad photos are bad for business. (No photos are worse.)

Some gorgeous houses are simply not photogenic, no matter how many angles and lenses are employed.

And some photos make dowdy houses seem entrancing. A good reason why online shopping can’t entirely replace in-person viewing.

Whether I’m representing buyers or sellers, I spend inordinate amounts of time clicking and swiping through images. If you’ve seen one nighttime pano-view shot, you’ve seen them all.

But every now and then, a photo really jumps out and makes me smile. This was the case this week with a shot that Open Homes Photography captured for my new listing, 1099 23rd Street #4.


The architect-designer owner chose art, paint and furnishings that set a striking tone. When you first enter the live-work loft, the entrance really grabs you and tells you this isn’t your usual Dogpatch loft. The photo fully conveys its drama.

I love the tangerine square, the narrowing perspective and the geometry of the photograph. It’s even better “live in person.” Come see for yourself this weekend. Click here for website and schedule.

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