You may have noticed I’ve opened a new real estate agency named Kindred SF Homes. We launched in January and I’ve been diligently getting all systems up and running while minding the store 25/8. It’s lucky that I love my work!

When I first broadcast this news, one dear client and friend wrote that she really appreciated my real estate “philosophy.” That sentiment surprised me, since I didn’t know I had one!

Quite by accident, the letter I wrote for the launch announcement turned out to be a reflection on my real estate practice and the significance of the name “Kindred SF Homes.”

In ramping up to launch my agency in late 2018, I was tasked with thinking up names for the brand. At the time, I was consumed with closing several transactions, so I shuffled that undertaking to the back of the deck.

Nevertheless, the name KINDRED presented itself in the middle of a dream. “Kindred?” I wondered, “Like Kindred spirits? Like Anne of Green Gables?”

When I turned back to my branding assignment, the name persisted. It held steady while the writer in me insisted on thinking up 100 more names. It stuck while I sought input from trusted friends and my marketing team.

The pros winnowed it down to 5, and Kindred made the cut. I tried on all the finalists and viewed them from every angle, but Kindred kept nudging me like a border collie.

People hear the name and smile. Agents tilt their heads to one side and ask, “How did you come up with that name?” As you see, the truth is that I didn’t come up with Kindred. Kindred came up with me!

It has to do with inclusivity, trust, kindness and comfort. It has a crisp K sound at the start. It speaks of the community of colleagues who are with me now or will join me in the future. It isn’t sales-y. It’s not Realtor-y. It says nothing about wealth or luxury (though I often work with wealthy people seeking luxury property). It points directly to my perspective on helping people find “home.”

Everyone deserves the dignity and safety of a sheltered bed. Everybody wants love and a meaningful life. I can’t solve homelessness, or supply folks with friends, family and livelihood. But I can strive to put the spirit of Kindred back into the search for home. To me, it’s not just about real estate.

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Cynthia Cummins is the founder of Kindred SF Homes and has been serving homeowners and homebuyers for 3 decades. For information on San Francisco Bay Area real estate visit For my writing and mindfulness blog, visit