Like a busy squirrel, I regularly clip and stash ideas for my blog. And then I forget about them until I’m out of topics and digging for buried chestnuts.

This morning I came across a particularly nutty tidbit. It concerned two rural Realtors who’d been arrested for getting busy at an unoccupied listing. Apparently the temptation to – uh – “negotiate” on top of the new kitchen island was simply too great and their lockboxes simply too convenient. And then the owner walked in.

In my years as an agent, I’ve heard some salacious stories. (Corner me and I’ll share.) But overall – at least here in San Francisco – the level of professionalism and caring among Realtors is extremely high. My colleagues are exceptional human beings and they don’t cheat.

Maybe it’s because most of us found a roundabout way to our career. On the journey we accumulated rich and varied life experiences that gave us the context, compassion, and competence to serve. We are former teachers, copywriters, waiters, actors, pro athletes, journalists, soldiers, accountants, attorneys, chefs, flight attendants, and civil servants. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

Despite the tired, dumb clichés you hear about Realtors’ lack of integrity, it’s the rare bad apple that spoils the proverbial bunch. Not only must we be smart and caring in order to be successful, we must follow a stringent code of ethics in order to keep our licenses and our jobs.

Like many trusted colleagues, I take my responsibilities seriously, and am conscientious and careful. Plus I bring a holistic approach to the selling and buying of real estate. Devotion to my clients’ progress as human beings comes first, and I hold a big vision for them while paying close attention to the details. Ask those I’ve represented. Maybe they can explain.

Real Estate Therapy tip: Don’t buy the bunk about sleazy Realtors (but don’t be dazzled by flash, technology, and know-it-all-ness either). Get references and trust your intuition as you establish your own relationship with a professional agent. 

Photo Credit: Tomas Sobek

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